August 21, 2022


Watercare Training Facility With Fulton Hogan

The Watercare Training Facilty teaches manual workers to minimise onsite dangers and injuries, in order to get home safely to their families

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The Synopsis

In August 2022, Tāmaki’s Watercare unveiled an industry first - a brand new practical training facility, to train and better prepare workers in their industry for high risk scenarios in the field. The facility has the capability to grow and change as new technologies, risks, and hazards present themselves. Contractors Fulton Hogan were the first to utilize this groundbreaking practice.

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The Challenge

Labourers face significant safety risks at work each day. Without practical training there has been a gap in learning how to apply what’s been learnt in the classroom and how to apply it to real-life scenarios. Cuetone was asked to interview the attendees and showcase the exceptional value this method of education brings to the industry.

The Solution

Fulton Hogan was the first company to use this facility for safety education. With just under 200 frontline industry workers split into groups, the workers cycled through the stations, each presenting a different risk or situation. Each station was run by an industry expert, who demonstrated how to minimise danger in each situation and encouraged the industry workers to adopt safe practice in their workdays.

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The Result





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