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Crafted from years of collaboration with other boutique studios and supporting companies, Founder Kermath opened the doors of Cuetone Media in 2017 with the goal of working with others to help make their projects come to life.

Today, Cuetone Media celebrates and commiserates the very real stories of communities all over Aotearoa, with the goal of bringing the same ideology to the rest of the world. Real stories by real people.

With the lack of resources for younger generations in these communities, we aim to provide the tools necessary to preserve knowledge, safeguarding it for future generations to learn from, and in turn, create their own stories.


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Our community here at Cuetone is as diverse as our team. Different faces, different places, different stories. Spanning from Aotearoa's, to the far corners of the globe. Cuetone is proudy queer owned, with a focus on employing members from both the rainbow and minory communities. Working in this space provides us with a well-rounded approach to storytelling.

With roots extend into minority demographics, each having their own unique experiences, hardships, and knowledge to share. We listen, and capture those stories as they are. Rich, Raw, and Real. Stories that are in danger of being lost, that give hope, and  give warmth. We provide a safe-space platform to hold and cherish them.

Our “Cuemunity” is important to us because we walk among them, we are the same, and understand the significance that these experiences hold. We are here to celebrate our Whānau. .We are here to be real.

Cast &

G.A.Y Director Producer Cam Op Aotearoa Auckland New Zealand South Africa Drag Howick Ai Queer LGBT

Kermath (he/him)

Founder & ADHD Opportunity Hunter
New Zealand Auckland Gamer Valorant Streamer Designer Graphic Art Artist Editor Scientist Tiktok famous matt beeson

Matt beeson (he/him)

Head of Design & Poduction manager
Experienced Head Editor fast Freelance Queer LGBTQ+ Remote Work from home Home Studio

Morag Duguid (she/they)

Lead Editor
Holly Bidwell Director Ngāti wai Takapuna Grad Student Thoon mea Ngā puhi

Holly Bidwell (Ngātiwai)

Director of all things good
Cam Op Animation Auckland Aoteroa New Zealand Dublin Ierland UK Work From Home Remote Work Experienced Editor

Benjamin Zambo

World’s Best Cameraman number 2

Alien (meow/marow)

Production House Pet (HR)

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