December 22, 2022


Fulton Hogan and the 100% Recyclable Road ♻️🚗♻️

Fulton Hogan are on the knife's edge of innovation. On Aotearoa's road to zero, Fulton Hogan's waka is right up front.

Fulton Hogan has got ahold of the new keestrack r3e Electric Asphalt Crusher, which operates soley on electricity, with it they can recycle one hundred percent 100% of the roads they pull up, with zero 0 emmisions. Putting them well up front of New Zealand's Aotearoa's sustainability journey, or road to zero


The Synopsis

New Zealand's journey to zero emissions by 2050 is a collective goal that we as a country should strive to reach. Fulton Hogan seizes every opportunity they can to innovate in this space, and are leading by example. Their new electric road crusher can recycle 100% of our asphalt, and is set to cut their emissions back by 80 Tonnes a year!

Pictured here i some ripped up asphalt which is ready to be fully crushed up in the keestrack r3e electric crusher, alloweing it to be crushed so fine that is ready to be laid right back into our roadsHere is a Fulton hogan digger organising and preping ripped up asphalt to be loaded into the keestrack r3e electric crusher

The Challenge

The Solution

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The Result





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