July 11, 2022


Te Tauoma - Mana Whenua, Shundi, and Cuetone

The story of Te Tauoma is incredible. Working with local iwi, Cuetone helps tell the story of their whare, the restoration of the maunga

Mountain Drone Maunga Mt Wellington Shundi Mana Whenua Te Tauoma Tangata Whenua Glen Innes Sunset Stonefields Community Auckland Volcanic Zone


The Synopsis

"Te Tauoma will house thousands of Kiwis and their whanau. With innovative approaches to promoting community life, restoring the local waterways and native plant life, Te Tauoma promises to reimagine highrise living. Cuetone's animation technology takes the imagination out of this future eco-focused metropolis, and brings it one step closer to becoming reality. Maybe even your reality!"

The Challenge

The Solution

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The Result





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