March 14, 2023


The Burnett Centre glow-up! ✨

Every year the Burnett Foundation choose an iconic artist to paint their building, 2023 saw Shannon Novak

This is the artwork made by Shannon Novak which depicts the history behind the formation, and kaupapa of the Burnett Foundation


The Synopsis

This is the digital showcase for the new art installation at the Burnett center. Created by Shannon Novak, it tells the story of the beginning or "dawn" (Te haeata) of the foundation. Highlighting the people, events, and the motives behind the kaupapa of the foundation.

This is the Burnett Center, a sexual health clinic, dedicated to providing discrimination free testing for all those who pass through the door, this picture captures the new installation installed by Shannon Novak, that coveres the outside of the building.Nae Mai Haere Main hello and welcome, come inside. This is the first part of the internal art installation that welcomes you into the Center

The Challenge

The Solution

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The Result





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