January 10, 2021


Gays In Space

Gays in Space is an OUT of this world experience. Follow our horny homonauts and Sexbot on their journey to probe Uranus!

Gay Musical Astronaughts LGBTQIA+ LGBT+ Homosexual Meteor Theatre Play Write Sell Out Q theatre Original Comedy


The Synopsis

It’s a wet dream come true when a straight-acting NASA underling is called upon to captain his first-ever space mission - a six-year journey to probe Uranus and discover it’s douche-y secrets. He is joined by a crew of utterly inept (yet totally fabulous) homosexual astronauts. There’s the ultra-camp TikTokker, a stunning but dimwitted model, and a fresh-faced Sexbot (think C3PO in hot pants) who yearns to be human.

Dancing Soaring Flying Astronaught Captain Rocket ship Outerspace Space UranusDancing Cancan Gay Kicks Musical Theatre Lighting Space Uranus

The Challenge

The Solution

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The Result


"A Cult Classic in the Making"

NZ Herald



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