Small to large scale productions, new shows or start ups. From the weird and obscure, to hard hitting or light hearted, the stage is where Cuetone was born

Large scale productions, new shows, start ups. Weird and obscure, hard hitting, light hearted. Any genre: comedy, musical, drama. We produce, we can source venues, we can put a whole production together, or take it apart. Workshops, ideation, creative, help to source equipment - sound, lighting, camera,lens special effects, props, people, costumes, studio or venue hire. budgeting Music/sound mixing. Scripting. Organising, producing, setup, electrical, photography, videography, talent.

The Challenge

The Solution

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Developer and Designer

Psychoactive Studios
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"Gays In Space. It is exactly what you think it is. And more"

Theatre Scenes


"A Cult Classic in the Making"

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Film & TV


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