June 23, 2020


SH3 Survey with AerialSmiths

New Plymouth council partnered with Aerialsmiths to do routine checks of State Highway 3 throughout the whole New Plymouth Region

Drone Mavic Cine Pro Survey Highways Road Corridors Council Part 102 License Aerialsmiths Contracting Sub Contracting Stakeholders Community Neighours 3D Modeling DJI Matrice 600Pro equipped with Klau Geomatics PPK and a Sony RX1R II


The Synopsis

Cuetone Media and Aerialsmiths were tasked with 3d-modeling 13km of state highway in New Plymouth near a busy airport. Ensuring all permits and health and safety measures were in place for the high profile aerial survey. Along with our Part 102 exposition and careful planning with NZTA and local councils, Cuetone and Aerialsmiths worked together to be able to complete the flight with no complaints from neighbouring businesses or farms. The flight was scheduled to take 5 days to complete, our team finished the job in just 3.

The Challenge

The Solution

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The Result





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