November 9, 2022


GiveOut Gala 2022

One of our BFFs, Steven Oats, gathered an array of esteemed guests for a charity fundgayser to give back to our LGBTQ+ community.

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The Synopsis

GiveOUT Gala brought GiveOUT Day to Phoenix Caberet in October 2022. The fundraiser was a huge accomplishement, resulting in an OUTstanding $57,000 being raised to distribute amongst GiveOUT Day's Participating Charities, the Rainbow NZ's Charitable Trust's Community Grants, and Tertiary Scholarship Programmes. There were guest appearances from some of NZ's most notable characters, including a livestreamed message from LGBTTQIA+ ally and Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Being part of NZ's queer community, we were excited to represent the event in digital form.You can now experience (or re-experience!) the glitz, the glamour, the colour, the genuiness, and the incredible support being given to participating New Zealand and Cook Island's charities and trusts. Don't miss out next year - you can buy yourself a ticket, get your workplace involved by sponsoring a corporate table, or contributing to the auctions. See you there!

Buck Wheat Steven Oats

The Challenge

The Solution

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